Myles Sanko

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UK based soul singer Myles Sanko is something very special and his new album ‘Forever Dreaming’ is quite simply stunning, with a musical quality that is rare indeed today.

Consisting of eleven deep meaningful soul grooves, jazzy musical perfection and a play time of approximately 40:19 minutes, the album has a vintage feel that could easily have been recorded 40 years ago, were it not for it’s fresh contemporary twist. Ranging from the melodic Motown sounding title track “Forever Dreaming“ through to the spiritual acid jazz of “Save My Soul“ and the uptempo dancer “Shooting Star, this is a superb album packed with beautifully recorded Fender Rhodes, flute, vibraphone, percussion and all the instrumentation you’d expect from a good soul record.

Myles Sanko’s musical output in the last year alone has made him a genuine shining light in an ever-competitive and burgeoning soul music scene. Aside from guest spots with, amongst others, Ed Meme and Chris Read (‘Oh Yes I Will’ and ‘The Magic is Gone’ respectively), the release of Sanko’s debut EP in April of 2013 has catapulted his status – as I say – amongst a music scene where great artists are certainly not hard to come by, so finding a way to soar above so much else can only happen with genuine talent… which Myles Sanko has in abundance.

A seasoned performer whose music has seen him grace stages across the world, including London’s own iconic Ronnie Scott’s and the Jazz Café – the release of ‘Forever Dreaming’ will complete what Myles’s EP started. ‘Born in Black & White’ is seven songs of horn-heavy, cheerfully-rousing, blissfully sweet, soul music masterfully presented by an artist adept at commanding a packed dance floor with uptempo funk numbers like ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, whilst still being able to tenderly whisk you away with ballads like ‘Come on Home’. Although there are enticing elements and characteristics of the speedy pace and hard beat of classic northern soul amidst his music, it’s a technique that is only intended as a respectful tip of the hat to those who have come before and who continue to serve as inspiration (including Bill Withers, James Brown, Al Green and Otis Redding). Myles Sanko’s interpretation of soul music is wholly distinctive, unique and he offers a fresh-faced alternative worthy of your attention.

The crowd funded ‘Forever Dreaming’ will mark Sanko’s official full-length album debut, which comes with the backing of awesome funk & soul labels, Légère Recordings & P-Vine Records. Aside from the incredible label backing, support also comes in the form of an eager and fiercely loyal fan base, all passionate in seeing Myles Sanko’s efforts rewarded with the success so richly deserved.